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Szczecin is the capital city of Zachodniopomorskie region. Szczecin's on Odra river, 53°25'46,4'' N 14°33'29'' E. Population: over 400 thousand, the highest peak is Bukowiec, 149 m. Timezone: GMT+1h, DST. With the area of 30 055 ha Szczecin is Poland's number three. Before Szczecin, Odra forks into West and East Odra (Regalica). Szczecin is surrounded by three forests and 25% of it is water. The biggest lake: Dąbie. We have a port. Against common belief, Szczecin is NOT on sea and its airport is in Goleniów. Szczecin's a great place to relax with more than a bit of culture, is successful in science (Jan Lubiński, Jacek Rudnicki, Aleksander Wolszczan) and sports (i.a. Mateusz Sawrymowicz, Marek Kolbowicz i Konrad Wasielewski, Monika Pyrek). We have three universities and two academies. If you're nothing like hectic, not always in a hurry and stressed, but still not lethargic Szczecin, with its steady pace, is your place. You're invited, come to us for a lot of fresh air (trees!) and the smell of chocolate, coffee, honey and fresh baked cake. And save the best for last - Szczecin is world's ONLY city with world and Europe's best buildings, the CDP museum and the Philharmonic Hall respectively, next to each other. And all that in the best public space! Maybe you'll stay with us for good. The picture to the right shows the geographic center of Szczecin.

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