Szczecin culture

Szczecin culture expands. Speaking of it we mean institutions such as Zamek Książąt Pomorskich, or the Castle, which is home to an opera and you always have interesting exhibitions in the Castle. It's also Klub 13 Muz that is the patron of and initiates many cultural projects. Muzeum Narodowe, or national, at the Wały Chrobrego waterfornt counts, too, and its tower gives you a great 360 panorama of Szczecin. Impressed? I add to that Kontrapunkt, a theatrical festival which is now cross-border, in Berlin; the yearly Zmagania Jazzowe, a jazz competition with i.a. Billy Harper; the young talents music festival Gramy, which is to create showbiz stars, just as its famous 1960s predecessor did; Turniej Tenorów, an annual tenor contest at the Castle; Boogie Brain music festival; and once a year a requiem is performed at Cmentarz Centralny, Szczecin biggest cemetary; and many occasional events. As you can see, we can't complain about culture in Szczecin. Its prosperity made Szczecin run for the 2016 European Capital of Culture title. We are, too, proud of Radzimir Dębski (Jimek),the composer whose mum is Anna Jurksztowicz of Szczecin. The new concert hall, that stirs controversy, has been built in Szczecin. The picture shows Kana Theater's "Matka" play poster.

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