Szczecin science

The rapid growth of Szczecin academic world has been after the war. In the 20th c. Akademia Medyczna, Politechnika Szczecińska, Akademia Rolnicza, Szkoła Morska and, mid-80s, Uniwersytet Szczeciński came into being. These were famous for their high level, e.g the late cpt. Maciejewicz, and their graduates have been valued in Poland and abroad. This trend has grown stronger in the present century. Another university was created in Szczecin when Akademia Rolnicza and Politechnika Szczecińska decided to merge into Zachodniopomorski Uniwersyet Technologiczny, Szkoła Morska became an academy. Of the very latest, Szczecin gained the academy of art. That's Akademia Sztuki, a three-college merger and Akademia Medyczna is now a university. Changing times were reflected, too, in Szczecin: nanotechnology and advanced genetics of prof. Lubiński's team, which is doing just fine in science and on the stock market. His Read Gene company is A-OK on the stock exchange. Szczecin Red Sky company has developed FilesTube, a hot multimedia search engine with millions of visitors every month. You should also remember prof. Wolszczan, an astronomer, who made Szczecin famous as well. The image shows PUM's Medical Simulation Center.

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