Szczecin's nature

Szczecin is famous, in Poland and abroad, for its abundant nature. Here, you should start with the three forests around the city: Puszcza Wkrzańska, North-West; Puszcza Goleniowska, North-East and Puszcza Bukowa, South. Puszcza Bukowa, as the name says, is the habitat of beech and many rare plant species, there are natural reserves. In Puszcza Wkrzańska you have a bird reserve, too, at Świdwie lake. And Ina river flows through Puszcza Goleniowska. The forests, though biggest, are not the only green areas of Szczecin. We have parks e.g. Park Kasprowicza, Park Żeromskiego, many green squares, Lasek Arkoński, trees (lanes and single) and bushes. Here, magnolias, a hallmark of Szczecin's, catch the eye, especially in full bloom. Speaking of nature you musn't forget Różanka, a recently restored rosarium with pre-WWII history. Not only roses grow there. Różanka also holds weekend music school students' concerts, on summer holiday. Evidently, Szczecin has lots of water as well. From Zalew Szczeciński, to Dąbie and Głębokie lakes to many ponds and streams to, obviously, Odra river. All this abundance resulted in the Floating Garden campaign. The picture shows "Syrenie Stawy" arboretum.

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