The history of Szczecin sport starts in the 19th c. with the Turnverein (exercises and workouts). Before the WWII, the star of Max Schmelling, boxing, and Otto Pelzer, running, shone brightly. After 1945, in Polish Szczecin, the beginning was the birth of a sports club, known today as MKS Pogoń Szczecin. Presently, many of its sections don't exist and the most widely known is the MKS Pogoń Szczecin soccer team, now 70 years in existence, playing in Szczecin at the Florian Krygier Stadium. Szczecin is also the successes of MKP swimmeres, e.g Mateusz Sawrymowicz, the track and field of MKL, recent Przemysław Czerwiński's bronze medal, pole vault, in Barcelona. You must remember Kolbowicz, Wasielewski, Jedliński and Korol - the four time world champion and the Beijing olympic champion quad scull. People of Szczecin are also familiar with a bit more contact sports: karate dojos, such as Bodaikan or Samuraj, boast multimedalists and count every time. The following aliases: "de Zoo", "Irokez", and "Manolo", of whom "Irokez" is doing well in the US, surely ring the bell to MMA supporters. And, not to be judged violent, we have something more genteel, like tennis and golf. The nearest course is actually in Binowo but that's just off the city limits and Polish celebrities sometimes play there. And tennis is the annual PKO Szczecin Open. At Szafera street a sports and show center (pictutre to the right) has been built, that has max 7500 seats. And don't forget our great Shades Cheerleaders group. Piotr Lisek of OSoT Szczecin, in the image to the right, is our real pole-vaulting champion whose Poland's best is now 6.02 m!.

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